About Us

Lily Sophia Boutique is an online store that helps to empower women to become the best version of themselves through words, phrases, and affirmations.

We, at Lily Sophia Boutique, believe that all women have the ability to do, say, think, or become whatever they want and we support that through products that showcase their determination in that process.

Sometimes we lose our way along the journey or encounter obstacles that get in the way of our dreams.  

Sometimes things happen and we find ourselves feeling lost or unsure of what to do.

We've all experienced this.  Oftentimes, we need to brush the negativity and insecurities off of us and continue on our way.  

But sometimes we need daily reminders to help us get back on track.

So we created Lily Sophia Boutique to provide products that everyday women can use to express their determination in being the best that they can be.


We are based in Central Florida and ship to anywhere in the US and Canada.