A World Traveler and a Dreamer


In 2004, I traveled for the first time overseas.  My sister and I began our journey of being world travelers and following in the footsteps of our parents who had done the same years before.  I remember the excitement of packing and getting everything ready for our big trip to England, Scotland, and Wales.  

When we first stepped off the plane and arrived in a completely different country, I was nervous, scared, excited, and just couldn't wait to explore!  There were so many things to see and do!

From that very moment to right now, I have traveled to several places around the world and can't wait to explore new and exciting places.  Experiencing new cultures.  Experiencing new ideas.  And tasting some amazing food!

So I wanted to create a store where others share the same passion of world travel but also to empower women to do whatever they want to achieve in this life whether it be travelling, starting a business, or anything else that you can dream up!

I welcome you to explore my store and see what catches your eye.  My hope is that you get inspired to travel to far off places (or places in your own backyard) but also to encourage you to believe in yourself to fulfill whatever you set your heart to achieve.  

You only get one life.  Create your life to be the best it can be. 

Be yourself.

Be empowered.

Live an inspired life.


Founder and Dreamer
Lily Sophia Boutique